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Burçin Sezer, Manager

Burçin Sezer graduated from Hacettepe University, department of English Linguistics in 2003. She received her English Teacher Certificate from Hacettepe University, Faculty of Education in 2003. After graduation, she started her Masters Education in Yeditepe University, Faculty of Communication, department of  English Public Relations and Publicity. While she was doing her masters education, she was accepted to London School of Economics and attended a summer course about marketing in LSE. She is also a Cambridge Speaking Examiner.  Currently, she is pursuing her doctorate degree in Maltepe University, Faculty of Communication, Department of Science of Communication Skills.

Burcin Sezer has been an English teacher in primary schools since 2005. After working at Sezin Private Primary School,  stanbul for two years, she started to work in Gazi University

Foundation Private Schools. She has been working in Gazi College since 2007.



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